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In today’s time, it is hard to keep track of everything that you receive on whatsapp solution api if you have a job and you get multiple texts and important messages from your business partners or customers regarding your job and products. A lack of attention can lead to people not using your contact number for clearing queries and other significant work. This is where API steps in. The application programming interface does the job of handling your WhatsApp account for business purposes, by feeding the AI responses to the usual questions that you receive, you can set specific answers to the queries and the chatbot will reply to the person on your behalf. You can either create a new WhatsApp account just for business purposes or use the existing one to convert it into a business account.

whatsapp solution api

Is converting my account safe?

Yes, it is safe! In fact, in this way you can easily separate your job from your personal life by having separate accounts for personal use and business use. Having a business account is not a very tough job, it’s just the setting up of the account that takes a few minutes, and after that, you are done. T even has a ton of benefits, including:

  • Messaging is faster and more reliable.
  • Support from multiple agents.
  • Chatbots powered by AI.
  • Secure messaging.
  • Easy to learn WhatsApp solution API.

So many Clients! But what can I get with Moobidesk that is unique?

Moobidesk offers a lot for its customers such as:

  • Drive High Consumer Experience – Creating a consumer experience is part of the business which is really important. It is important for understanding your consumers because without interaction you won’t be able to know their needs.
  • Increase Consumer Engagement on a Large Scale – Chatbots cannot solve all issues that a customer raises on their own, this is where Moobidesk provides the feature of a combo of a human and bot which will help the consumer by adapting to their concerns raised.

You had me on easy. But who can I trust with this?

Moobidesk does the job for you. They help people in setting up their business accounts with a few easy steps. They start with verifying your personal documents and setting up your business profile on WhatsApp after the verification is done. They help you in setting up the responses for messages you will receive in the future from your customers which will be replied to by a chatbot. Moobidesk serves high-level clients such as i-tea, Trinity Christian Centre, Pandora, ComfortDelGro, Etude House, and more.

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