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Hotels were once the first choice  for customers when on the road, but smart parents are increasingly looking for alternatives. If a family of four wanted to remain in the area, they could rent a 2 bedroom service apartment singapore for the same price as one hotel room or suite.But when you note the features of a service apartment then you would surely choose them over hotels and motels.

  1. Cost

If you’re wondering how a serviced apartment compares in price to a motel, how about giving us some specifics? A 2 bedroom serviced apartment is far more cost-effective than a luxury suite and costs virtually as little as reserving two hotel rooms. Far more money may be saved by staying in a serviced apartment for a longer period of time, since the nightly fee decreases with increasing length of stay.

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  1. Space

Serviced apartments are great for families because of the extra room they provide. It is easy to see  that staying in a serviced apartment provides a great deal more living space than a regular house or apartment. Having designated areas for sleeping, eating, and lounging means that residents never feel crowded.

  1. Bedrooms

You can either cram four people in a small bed or put the kids to sleep on the couch in a hotel room, as anybody who has attempted to do so knows all too well. A serviced apartment may provide you with the space you need, whether that’s a one-bedroom for business travellers or a four-bedroom for a family vacation. You can’t get the same level of tranquillity from sleeping in separate hotel rooms as you would from being in a single apartment. It’s very uncommon for serviced apartment management companies to be adaptable, allowing guests to request amenities like rollaway beds or cribs.

  1. Kitchen

If you’re sick of shelling out a lot of money for meals at fancy restaurants when you’re on the road, here’s some good news. There is a fully equipped kitchen in every serviced apartment, so you can prepare your own meals right in your own space. Those who have picky eaters or other dietary requirements will appreciate the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen. In each of our completely furnished apartments, you’ll find everything you need to make a meal, just as you would in your own home.

  1. Entertainment

Having access to entertainment is crucial if you are living in short-term housing. Hey must  provide complimentary Wi-Fi in all of our residences and premium TV subscription services like Sky in many of their serviced apartments.

Serviced apartments are ideal for those who are travelling for business or pleasure and want a home away from home, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort or convenience by staying in a hotel room. In terms of Cost services spaces it is always ideal to choose a serviced apartment.

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