Qualities required in Mentors For a successful Home Tuition Agency

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Mentoring is not an occupation. In fact, it’s a relationship where he provides education, guidance, insight and support to another person. He is somebody whom you can lean on when you require the most. The education mentors, the teachers play a significant and crucial role in the development of the society through the students they educate. There are some important characteristics that are required in a mentor to build a successful and beneficial mentor/mentee Relationship.

What are the Personality Traits needed for a good mentor?

Perhaps the most important quality a home tuition agency can have is to be a good listener. Being able to listen to a new student’s fears or frustrations is an art. They should provide honest information and feedback to their students. An effective mentor should be encouraging and should provide proper guidelines to students to tackle problems with confidence. They should also offer praises and encouragements on the accomplishments.

A good mentor should never present himself as an evaluator. This never lets the student open up with his teacher. Instead a mentor should be a role model who is an encourager, a coach whose job it is to uplift. Try to emphasize all the positive things a novice instructor undertakes and to gently point out areas that could be improved. A mentor should be someone who can solve conflicts and has excellent social skills and an even temper.

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Why is Time Management important?

Mentors should have excellent time management skills. They should be quick to respond to the student’s concern. Otherwise they may feel ignored. It is important for an online teacher to respond timely to student’s queries and suggestions. This becomes more important during tests where a student demands more attention. They should provide timely feedback as well. Whereas giving feedback on strong areas encourages a student, feedback on the weak areas nurtures a chance to improve. This feedback can be provided to parents as well. This promotes mutual understanding.

It is very important for a teacher to understand his student, his likes and dislikes and more importantly his method of learning. This encourages interaction and maintains a healthy bond between both the teacher and student. Give instructions but not all the time. Involve the student while solving the problem. This gives the student a chance for interaction and he feels free to ask questions and clear his doubts and provide suggestions without feeling awkward.

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