Know the perks of Installation of bay window

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Bay installation window is also known as an oriel window and its projects from an upper story with the support of corbels. This type of window is related historically to mansions of the early English era. Bay window installation cost type of window helps increase the area of a room at a reasonable cost, and also allows the most efficient use of restricted space. This window hangs out from the upper floor of a house with the support of brackets or corbels.

There are so many companies that manufacture bay windows and are technically sound in bringing the most recent technological advancements and applying them to the changing scenario in the production of these fixture pieces. The cost of which depends on its designs, shapes, and technical specifications. Bay window cost can vary depending on a project whether it’s a new installation or a replacement. The cost of installing new bay windows can vary based on how much construction is needed to install the windows.

bay window installation cost

How much do they cost?

Knowing how much cost or budget for bay windows can help to keep the project on track. As its widely used in European countries and America, according to Advisor, the bay window installation cost can vary ranging from $910 to $7,100 depending on the types of material used and specifications. The higher prices are due to more intricate seating areas or the design of energy-efficient windows. The cost of installing new bay windows is also affected depending on how much construction is required to install the windows.

Other important aspects that can impact the price of the bay window are the design of the window to be installed, its location, and its size. Before installation of the bay window owner of the home can call for an estimate from a different company as per the requirement as these factors can impact the overall cost of the project.

In India, UPVC bay windows are widely used. Other types of bay windows used are Aluminium, Wooden, Contemporary, Decorative, etc. The estimated cost of which is ranging from Rs. 180/sqft to Rs. 1000/sqft depending on the type of materials used.

Benefits of Getting a Bay Window

In the earlier time, this type of window used was decorative but over the period people were aware of the fact that this style of window has many benefits, including getting more natural light.

They also add visual appearance as well as improve airflow while adding additional seating or storage area.

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