Job Consultation Services: What to Expect and How to Get the Job You Want

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When you need to get your business idea off the ground, you turn to your friends and family for help. For most people, that’s the best way to get things done. But, for business owners and entrepreneurs, getting others on board can be challenging. You need to find people who are willing to help, not just assume that you can do it independently.

If you operate a small business, you may want to consider contracting out some of your business consulting needs. Depending on the size of your company, you might want to explore contracting out job consultation services Hong Kong.

You may want to consult a business consultant, lawyer, accountant or another professional who can help you review your business plan, strategize, and create the structure and marketing you need. But what should you include with your consultation proposal? Consider writing a few paragraphs stating why you’re interested in hiring the consultant to get started. Then incorporate the following points into your proposal:

Some key points about why you need the services of this particular consultant:

  • Your company’s financial position, including cash flow projections for each year after consulting services are completed.
  • A detailed breakdown of how much money your company will spend on consulting fees from this point until Year 3. Include projected overhead (management salaries and office expenses) and any other costs during these three years.
  • Your company’s operating budget—the amount of money your company has available for business expansion, marketing, and employee training. It’s also good to include projected profit growth among the marketing objectives.
  • A schedule of how many hours you want the consultant to spend on this project.

In some cases, it may be necessary to hire an outside consultant even if your company is small or otherwise appears to have ample resources. If the company is pretty sophisticated, has a reasonable amount of investment capital, and has personnel who are thoroughly familiar with the industry and its competitors, hiring an outside consultant may be the most cost-effective way of obtaining a realistic assessment of your company’s performance.

Suppose you aren’t sure that your company—or any other—has high enough profit margins to justify an outside analysis of your operation. In that case, you can sit down with the people running your accounting or bookkeeping department and ask them to compile a list of all costs incurred in each department over the past few years. Include all expenses associated with sales and marketing as well as personnel costs. The key is to calculate what percentage each expense represents of total costs and then use these percentages to determine how much money your company would need to generate if it were producing at its maximum output capacity.

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