Gin Buying Guide and Everything You Need To Know

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Every gin connoisseur out there will tell you that you should never run out of gin in your home bar. If you are looking into buying some of the best drinks to stock in your bar, then you should consider buying from the best gin distillery. But first, it is important that you know a little bit more about gin and where to buy the best quality online.

What is Gin Made Of?

Gin is a clear and distilled spirit. It has a distinct botanical flavor mainly of junipers, flowers, a mix of fresh and dried fruits. In most parts of the world, gin must be a minimum of 40% ABV and should have a clear and identifiable juniper influence.

Common Types of Gin

There are different types of gin but the most popular out there are distilled and redistilled. The distilled gin is of distilled mash or fermented alcohol base of whiskey or brandy. Redistilled gin on the other hand is made from the second distillation of a neutral spirit. Both get flavor from an infusion of fresh or dried juniper berries as well as other botanical ingredients.

Another popular choice is the London Dry gin. It is the most traditional and is actually the basis for quality gin. London Dry is usually light-bodied, very dry, and highly aromatic but with a highly pronounced juniper taste. Also, no artificial flavors or other botanicals are added once the distillation process is done. 

Reasons Why Gin is Preferred Neat

And if you are looking for a cheaper gin type, the compound gin is your choice. Although this is less common, it is still a popular choice. Its flavor is from a mixture of neutral spirit and  juniper berry extract or essences.

Distilled Gin vs Redistilled Gin

The key difference between a distilled from a redistilled gin is with its base alcohol. Distilled gin distills a lower-ABV fermented alcohol that is mostly derived from grains, grapes, sugar cane, sugar beets, or potatoes. The redistilled gin on the other hand uses an already distilled spirit as its base.

Where to Buy Gin Online?

It is now easy to buy your favorite drinks online. Gin for example is one of the most popular choices out there. If you are looking for high-quality gin, then visit the most trusted gin distillery since 2009, Bass and Flinders Distillery. This is the very first gin distillery in Mornington Peninsula. They still use traditional production techniques to provide their customers with the best in quality gin.

If you want to enjoy your gin, the easiest way is with your favorite kind of tonic water in a classic G&T. But of course, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to up your drink and take gin to the next level. Still, having the best quality gin will always make a huge difference. So make sure that you only get it from the best gin distillery.

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