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Verification is a process that firstly, people need to log on to the website and then post their work description and address on the site. It is a platform for two-party (one who needs help and one who is willing to cooperate) to come together to make stuff done.

In a startup, you need both eat and run verification.

“먹튀 (Eat Away)” verification is what you should do if you’re not sure a startup idea will work. You start by building a simple site that solves some problems people want to be solved, and then you see what happens.

The advantage of eating and run verification is that it isn’t just cheap; it lets you test several ideas in parallel. You can have three or four eat and run sites running simultaneously as we did. So the question you need to ask about any startup idea is: “how well does it have to be for this company to work?”

If the answer is “great,” you have to be careful. It’s hard enough to make something that people want; it’s more challenging when you tell them they ought to want it. But if the answer is “pretty good,” you don’t have to worry so much. The way to make a pretty good restaurant is not to develop a brilliant idea but to execute well on an obvious one.


Some people believe that once they get a product, they should hammer on it until they have nailed down all the obvious bugs. They have faith that if they find every problem with their software and fix it, they’ll have a good product.

The right way to build software is to write a test that fails, write code that makes the test pass, refactor the code to an acceptable state, and then repeat. Eventually, if you do that enough times, you’ll have something that works. That’s how you eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

But in a startup, there’s no time for that approach. It would be best if you had 먹튀 (Eat Away) do the minimal amount of work needed to make sure you’re on the right track and then move on as fast as possible. Eat-and-run verification means designing your tests to take a minimum of time and still give maximum confidence in the result.

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