All You Need To Know About Cam Locks

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Cam locks are a type of fastening that is used to create a strong interlocking between the movable interior and fixed exterior. These locks are embedded in the walls of the storage. These are different than the traditional locks, which need to be hanged to the hooks present on the door to lock the door. Modern locks are more reliable. But both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. These locks are becoming more popular these days.

There are other variations among the locks also. It depends upon the type of key used. The list of the types includes:

  • Passcode lock

A sequence of numbers is set as a passcode, which is then set to all zeroes. To open the lock, you have to put the passcode in the same order.

  • Card key locks

These are mostly used by hotels and commercial centers. You need to put the card into a slit made along with the knob, which then gets scanned and allows you access.

  • Traditional key lock

The physical key is inserted into the keyhole to open the lock. The key possesses a special design that opens the lock when the lock bars correctly occupy the crevice on the lock.

cam locks

Advantages of cam locks

Why these cam locks are becoming more and more popular? Or why the traditional locks are seen very little these days? These are curiosities people generally express. The answer is the benefit that people get from these types of locks. Advantages are discussed below, check out:

  • The first advantage of such locks is that they are attached to the storage, hence there is no need to keep track of it every time.
  • Second thing is that they do not require a handle to hang on so they save the space and do not make a bum in the front.
  • They cannot be broken from outside like the traditional locks easily.
  • The rusting also cannot occur easily as it is not exposed to the air and water.
  • They come up inbuilt with the storage system bought by you.

Disadvantages of cam locks

As there are advantages, there are disadvantages too. they serve the purpose of protection but once anything happens to the lock, then it’s a tedious job to do. Following are the demerits of the locks:

  • Firstly, if the lock gets damaged you have to change the whole lid of storage to replace the lock since it is attached to the lid.
  • Further to discuss, if the lock gets rust, the key cannot be inserted and the lock will get stuck.
  • In case of emergency, you cannot thud a rock over the lock and open it. This will not even move a pin inside.
  • The lock bar gets into the crater created on the opposite side. In some cases, it is observed that the crater widens up and the door doesn’t even get locked up. This is a major disadvantage.

The disadvantages are very few as compared to the advantages. And the chances of occurring are even less. So, considering these locks is not a bad idea after all.

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