What Are The Companies Involved In Sheet Metal Fabrication?

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Industries in India have been growing significantly by leaps and bounds since the country’s independence from the UK in 1947. The resilience of the entrepreneurs in India has taken it to its zenith from no in the present times despite various downturns in the economy since independence. Manufacturing processes like sheet metal fabrication are considered an important component of the manufacturing scenario of India.

Companies involved in sheet metal manufacturing 

  • LancerFab

It is located in Gujarat and is known for its commitment to providing excellent solutions to the problems faced by the customers in the field of sheet metal fabrication services and integrated laser cutting services. It is an EN 15985-2 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company that possesses infrastructure known to be best-in-class, along with a relatively modern 40,000 sq ft factory for ensuring professionalism in the execution of work at the most competitive prices.

The company proudly comes out as a single source for sheet metal solutions in the country. It has installed leading systems for Bystronic Laser Cutting to provide metalworking solutions that are flexible and cost-effective. This, as a result, allows precision accuracy and cutting in different processes carried out in sheet metal fabrication companies.

LancerFab is well equipped to undertake projects for manufacturing and designing metal parts from different materials such as Stainless steel, GP sheet, Aluminum, CRCA, HR, etc.

  • Rishilaser

The company is located in Mumbai, and nine different manufacturing units are spread across five different states of India, namely, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The company is considered one of the largest fabricators of steel in India and specializes in sheet steel fabrication. For the processes involving manufacturing, most of the units of the company are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

The company can manufacture sheet steel fabricated assemblies with art machinery, which includes the latest software tools, high-capacity cranes, and a skilled workforce.

  • Gajjar

Gajjar Industries is a sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting services company that is located in Ahmedabad. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that possesses a full-fledged unit for manufacturing processes spread across 7000 sq ft while equipped with all the necessary machinery.

The company is also known to offer a wide range of precision sheet metal components concerning the desired specifications and requirements. Gajjar Industries is also known to specialize in offering clients their requirements for bulk orders.


Excellence speaks for itself, just like these sheet metal fabrication companies who are known to be shining brightly in this field and have successfully achieved reputation and fame through skills, talent, and sheer hard work.

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