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Giving your loved one a beautiful, memorable and dignified sendoff doesn’t have to cost you the tens of thousands of dollars you think it would. While it’s a fact that living in an elite country like Singapore can be expensive and most of us throughout our lives manage and compromise on living a stable and proper life. Thus, we should be privy to a service that can do justice to a life proudly lived at the end of our lives. Holding a beautiful memorial service for your loved ones is made financially easier by funeral service singapore price.

What are the pre-funeral demands?

The first thing you need to do is register the death to obtain a Certificate of Cause of Death. If provided by the hospital, then the certificate is of no charge; however, if the deceased decided to receive palliative care at home and passed away there, you’ll need to engage a doctor that might cost up to $200-$300.

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What is the funeral service Singapore price?

After acquiring the required documents, the next step is to hold a funeral wake or memorial service. There are primarily two main factors determining the total cost incurred: The type and duration of the service and the choice of casket used.

Typically memorial services last three days, although you can opt to hold a wake for any number of days (permission from the National Environment Agency is required if the wake exceeds seven days).

Besides the duration, the type of funeral service is also important. Buddhist ($3,800-$10,000) and Taoist ($3,800-$10,000) funerals can be elaborate and hence more expensive compared to Catholic ($3,800-$8,500)and Christian ($3,800-8,500) services.


What does it include?

Memorial and service packages can cost up to $10,000or more and include the following:

  • A casket
  • Rental and set-up of tents, chairs, etc
  • Refreshments and meals
  • Religious items required for worship and service
  • Hearse service
  • Framed Photo of the deceased
  • Religious leaders to lead funeral rites.

The memorial services end with sending off the deceased – whether buried or cremated.

Under the laws in Singapore, crypt burials conducted under different faiths such as the Bahai, Parsi, Muslim, or Jewish faiths will cost around $315. If you wish to cremate the deceased instead of Burial, then government-run cremations cost around $100, while private funerals can be a lot more expensive, going up to $400.

Another way to remember the deceased is through a Columbarium which may cost up to $1000 depending on which one you decide to get. On the other hand, obituaries usually cost up to $20-$30 per col cm, and online ones cost $250/ year. Funerals are unfortunate but inevitable, so try and safeguard your family as well as you can.

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