Fall Detection Monitors for the Elderly Options and Services in Australia

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Fall detection monitors are essential devices for ensuring the safety and well-being of elderly individuals, especially those who live alone or have limited mobility. In Australia, several options and services are available to assist in fall detection and response. Here is an overview of the various options and services available for fall detection monitors for the elderly:

  1. Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS): Several options and services are available in Australia
    • PERS are wearable devices equipped with fall detection capabilities.
    • They can detect falls automatically and send alerts to a monitoring center or designated contacts.
    • Examples of PERS providers in Australia include VitalCall, SureSafe, and Mobile Alert.
  1. Mobile Apps with Fall Detection:
  • Smartphone apps with fall detection functionality utilize the device’s built-in sensors.
  • These apps can detect falls and trigger alerts to emergency contacts or monitoring centers.
  • Examples of fall detection apps available in Australia include My SOS Family, Medical Guardian, and Mobile Guardian.
  1. Smart Home Systems:
  • Smart home systems integrate fall detection features through motion sensors, cameras, or wearable devices.
  • They can detect falls and send notifications to caregivers or emergency services.
  • Providers like HomeStay, Telstra Smart Home, and Uniden offer smart home solutions with fall detection capabilities.
  1. GPS Tracking Devices:
  • GPS tracking devices with fall detection features can help locate elderly individuals in case of a fall or emergency.
  • These devices provide real-time location information and can alert caregivers or emergency responders.
  • Companies like GoFindMe, GPS SmartSole, and FindMySeniors offer GPS tracking devices designed for seniors in Australia.
  1. Aged Care Services:
  • Aged care facilities and home care providers may offer fall detection monitoring as part of their services.
  • These services provide comprehensive care packages that may include fall detection devices and monitoring.
  • Organizations such as Australian Unity, Blue Care, and Amana Living provide tailored care packages with fall detection options.
  1. Telecare Services:

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  • Telecare services connect elderly individuals to a monitoring center that can respond to falls or emergencies.
  • These services often utilize wearable devices or home sensors to detect falls and trigger appropriate responses.
  • Providers like Tunstall Healthcare, Vitalcare, and Personal Alert Victoria offer telecare services with fall detection options.
  1. Government Assistance Programs:
  • The Australian government offers various programs that provide financial assistance for fall detection monitors.
  • Programs such as Home Care Packages, Commonwealth Home Support Programme, and My Aged Care may support acquiring fall detection devices.


When considering fall detection monitors for the elderly, it is crucial to research each option and service thoroughly. Factors to consider include features, costs, reliability, customer reviews, and compatibility with individual needs. Consulting with healthcare professionals or seeking advice from local community organizations can provide further guidance in selecting the most suitable option for older people’s safety and well-being.

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