Why do Clients Continue Using IBM? Find Out Here!

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Contrary to popular belief, IBM is not ‘old.’ In fact, it is continuously upgrading. And these days,  both stable and startup businesses and organizations still prefer to use IBM and IBM i  because of its amazing features that make it more competitive than others.

And now, IBM i cloud hosting is not only reliant on the IBM POWER server. There are now other cloud hosting services that offer better. But before you learn more about cloud hosting, let’s go ahead and find out first why IBM is still the popular choice.

IBM i Is All You Need

The IBM/AS400 is pretested, preloaded, and already integrated with POWER. This is why it is still common that most companies and businesses still stick with this classic. In fact, this operating system is very popular in high-tech industries. For example, IBM is still the choice in many computer software, manufacturing, and information technology industries. It is also popular in midmarket companies.

Legendary and Reliable

The IBM is considered ‘bulletproof.’ Its huge hardware redundancy makes it extremely high-performing. It has CPUs that are 3 to 5 times more powerful compared to its competition. That is why most organizations prefer to use IBM especially when their applications require high performance and low downtime.

IBM i cloud

It’s Not Worth Changing

Moving from IBM to other power systems will never be worth it. It has a more powerful core and a higher price per core compared to its competitors. Aside from that, the major change can be disruptive. The IBM still exists within the IBM i in many companies that is why making a change will not be a lengthy and costly process.

AS400 Is Continuously Evolving

Even though IBM is classic, it continues to evolve. There are plenty of innovations that have been happening since IBM was introduced way back in 1998. Even though there are newer alternatives, IBM remains to be the number one choice since this is already tested and proven to be reliable and secure by many companies all across the globe.

IBM i Cloud Hosting

There are plenty of advantages to cloud hosting. Cloud400 is currently one of the easiest, more flexible, affordable, and seamless choices when it comes to iSeries cloud hosting. This is brought to you by Source Data Products, a trusted name in this industry for the last three decades. If you need cloud hosting services, don’t look any further because Cloud400 might just be the hosting solution just for you.

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