What kind of education does a child need?

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Academic education is considered the foundation of a child’s overall development. But, does that really stand true? Nope. A kid must be exposed to different kinds of learning in order to become an independent and responsible citizen. Apart from submission of a quality institution form like the Singapore international school application, a parent must also ensure that the offspring uses other paths to grasp and reproduce the content.


  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Non-formal

Formal: As the word “formal” suggests, it is learning in an institute under the guidance of qualified educators on the premises of a school. It is the initial knowledge grasping phase through formal methods. Academics from elementary to college come under this category.

Teachers with the art of instructions are hired by the management to transfer information to the kids. Institute certification, classroom learning, and planned education with a preset syllabus are examples of formal education tasks.

The school system has a structure to deliver planned subjected oriented information to the student for a fee.

Informal: This is a kind of training given by the parent beyond academics, which includes the preparation of meals and other basic survival activities.  The tutor can also be a book or an educational website. This is usually not planned in advance like in the school system. Regular practice and observations are the stepping stones to this sort of knowledge acquisition. Training to perform extracurricular activities, speaking mother tongue language, and consuming important personality traits are a few examples.

In this type of education, there is no defined syllabus and timetable, the facts gained are through practice and this form can be lifelong learning for the young minds. It does not involve a fee structure.

Non-formal: Skill development and basic adult education come under this basket. The kid has the option to learn to improve a skill through different methods. It covers a range of activities like community-related adult courses, fitness programs, and free courses.

In short, this category of education enables flexibility without an age limit along with the inclusion or exclusion of fees & certificates.


Every kind of education is necessary for the complete growth of an aspiring role model. Be concerned about the quality of communication and submit Singapore international school application for the same. But, have the same level of interest in an individual’s personality improvement through informal and non-formal systems too.