Women Down Vest Fur Hood: Know Your Type

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As the winters are here, all the women out there, start looking for the best down vest for yourselves. A down vest is insulated with warm feathers. It has fluffiness and air pockets to retain heat. The wearer feels comfortable and warm wearing these vests, and it is best to go out in winter. The vests are insulated with warm plumage and duck down. These are also affordable, no matter which type of vest you buy. Down fill power plays a key role in such jackets, so look out for that. The higher the power, the higher the warmth will be. Further in the article, you will read about women down vest with fur hood construction, features, and other aspects


You can find three types of women long down vest in the market:

  1. Sewn-through- These are lightweight and mostly used by mountain hikers. There is no extra fabric used. The outer fabric is sewn through the inner lining creating chambers.
  2. Box baffle technique- These vests are heavier than sewn-through vests. The technique involves the addition of extra fabric. As this technique is complex, these vests are expensive than other vests.
  3. Heat seamed- These vests are water and air resistant. The reason is the technique used. The outer fabric is bonded with the inner lining through heat, making it difficult to escape.

women long down vest

All these techniques vary, and their effects impact the jacket’s performance in the following ways:

  • Durability
  • Fit
  • Warmth
  • Weight
  • Comfort


Fabric plays a key role in durability. The vests with no additional fabric and lightweight can be worn right now, but not in the coming years. The heavier the jacket, the more durable it will be. So, if you want a durable vest, look for a thicker and heavier one.


Keep fit in mind while buying the vest for you. The vest should not be too loose or too tight as it can restrict proper movement. The jacket should not be too loose because it allows air to enter. Regular waterproof jackets are lightweight than down vests.


  1. Pockets- Pockets are the most basic vest feature that you need, specifically for women. Considering, women already lack pockets in their dresses, this is one way you can create an outfit with all the comfort of pockets.
  2. Hoods- This is a necessity in winters. To protect yourself from airing cold, hoods are there in these vests. Some vests even have furred hoods.


This winter, look out and find the best fit for yourself. It is the season to spend over some coziness and comfort.