Excited about luxury hotels resorts packages?

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Reconnect with your loved ones. Enjoy a romantic spa weekend for two. With buddies, go golfing or skiing. With a selection of travel discounts and luxury hotel and resort packages from Destination Hotels, you can make your next vacation both inspirational and reasonable.

Hotel amenity suggestions that will wow your customers

If any luxury hotel resorts packages includes such amenities, it will help in boosting sales.

  •      Welcome presents with a personal touch

This is one of the most straightforward hotel amenity ideas on the list, but it’s also one of the most straightforward to implement. Create a unique welcome gift based on what you know about your visitors. You probably found out why they’re visiting throughout the booking process, and you know if they’re traveling with family, children, pets, or their spouse.

  •      Snack baskets have a distinct regional taste

Stock rooms with a basket of food and drinks from local businesses to give tourists a sense of your community. It allows you to promote your destination’s distinctiveness while satisfying customers with exciting freebies. It’s also a great way to advertise and support your neighborhood’s small businesses. If you have a grab-and-go snack station in your lobby or a coffee shop, consider offering additional, more substantial kinds of local food and drink as a for-purchase option.

  •      In-room offices or coworking spaces

Business travelers, event participants, or planners may need to get some work done during their stay. As a result, provide welcoming and open coworking spaces for people who want to work in a coffee shop environment. Ensure that certain rooms provide workstations for people who like to work in a peaceful, private environment.

  •      Bicycles are available for free

Consider investing in a fleet of bikes for visitor usage if your destination is bike-friendly. If you have the resources, consider offering a guided trip that departs daily or weekends. It’s a terrific approach to encourage visitors to be active, get green, and take their time seeing the greatest areas of your city. 

  • Cars are available for free

Ride-sharing services are commonplace, but what if you went a step further? Like the Harvest Inn in Napa Valley, California, offer visitors a free ride in your hotel’s vehicle or SUV, which will transport them wherever within an acceptable radius of the property. Alternatively, offer them a free rental. Guests who book a certain room at The White Elephant in Nantucket, Massachusetts, receive a complimentary BMW automobile rental to utilize throughout their stay.