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Smart Camera and its use in home security

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A smart camera is a type of technology that helps you see what’s happening in your home or office from miles away. This assures you that your family and important documents are safe and protected from criminal activities.

Smart cameras are not just for capturing images or recording footage but also have features like a motion sensor, cloud storage, face tag, geofencing, and 24*7 internet gives live stream. This feature enables you to have a safe and smart home.

How does this work for home security?

  1. Live Stream: A smart camera records what’s happening in your home and, using wifi, sends the recording to your smartphones or cloud storage for the archive. You can install a free app on your phone and see this recording or live footage on your phone any time you want. The motion detector feature detects the motion, enables you to know when someone is outside your home.
  2. Face recognition: You can know whether the outside is a stranger or someone you know. You can decide whether it’s worth opening.
  3. No manual work:  With the geofencing feature, it will automatically turn on the system when you are leaving home and similarly off the system when you are home.

smart camera

  1. Space in your phone:Due to the cloud storage feature not worry about your phone storage.
  2. Audio Monitoring system: You can also listen to sound due to its audio monitoring system. It can help you keep an eye on your kids, or if some thieves enter your house, you surprise them by talking to them; it’ll look like someone is at home.
  3. Evidence: It can help the police solve the crime as due to the cloud storage feature, you can retrieve the data anytime you want.

Tips when you install a smart camera at your home.

  • Choose the places of your cameras wisely, like covering your front doors, back doors, and any possible place from where the person with ill intent can enter.
  • Don’t hide your Camera; make it visible as most thieves don’t enter a home with cameras installed.
  • Your account safety as hackers can hack your phone and see through it the activity in your home. So, keep your account secure.

Using the smart Camera as your home security camera, you can always be sure about the security of your home. It lets you keep an eye on your kids, pet, and elder family members. But remember, it’s the technology it will surely update in the future so, always keep your cameras updated and have a secure and smart home.