Ultimate Industrial Electronic Engineering Solutions: Team Of Highly Specialized Engineers

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A technology-driven and customer-centric provider offers you industrial electronic engineering solutions, including industrial electronic repairs. The dangers of working with this heavy equipment and forklifts are creating a high demand for accident prevention solutions. Simple, cost-effective, and efficient systems for the customers are provided.

Industrial engineering solution

Industrial engineers are the professionals who provide solutions to industrial electronic problems. Industrial engineers look for effective solutions to remove wastefulness in production processes. They are using efficient systems that integrate the following to make a product provide an excellent service:

  • Workers
  • Machines
  • Materials
  • Information
  • Energyindustrial electronic repairs

Areas of industrial engineering

There are four main areas of industrial engineering, namely:

  1. human factors and work systems
  2. production and distribution systems
  3. manufacturing systems
  4. operations research

The four areas are handled by the industrial engineer to make sure that everything is organized and easy to work on.

What is an industrial electronic repair?

Industrial electronic repair is a service performing the following:

  • Repair
  • Overhaul
  • Refurbish
  • Warranty industrial electronic equipment

These services are widely different.

The features of the work

Some companies do field or on-site repairs to minimize customer downtime. The others will work in their own facilities. Calibration services will compare equipment and instrument outputs to establish standards. Also, it is rebuilding industrial electronic devices or remanufacturing services overhaul. The company offers start-up and installation services to perform test equipment and training according to customer specifications.

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturers and warranty-authorized shops will perform the repairs according to the customers’ warranties. Preventive service and maintenance contracts are proactive programs to perform maintenance to prevent problems. Exchange programs and replacements provide customers with used and new units while damaged equipment or instruments will be repaired.

Did you know that some industrial electronic repair services lease or rent equipment? But, not with the team of industrial electronic engineers. They are equipped with the complete tools and materials to perform their job. The company specializes in upgrading existing product lines and will add new components with updated and improved units.

Types of industrial electronic services

Industrial electronic repair services provide expertise in repairing types of instrumentation and equipment, including:

  • Automated test equipment
  • Acoustic sensors and microphones
  • Data and chart recorders
  • Data acquisition and SCE
  • Electrical testers

These industrial electronic repair services specialize in repairing:

  • amplifiers
  • electrical meters
  • generators
  • industrial computers
  • machine controllers
  • motor drives
  • power supplies
  • scopes

Industrial electronic repair services fix PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), servo drives, control systems, timers and counters, sound level meters, welding machines, and signal and function analyzers. When speaking of instrumentation, industrial electronic repair services can fix products for:

  • Avionics
  • Calibration
  • Fiber optic
  • Laboratory
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Geophysical
  • Vehicular applications

All these are handled and repaired by a certified industrial electronic engineer.