What Are The Companies Involved In Sheet Metal Fabrication?

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Industries in India have been growing significantly by leaps and bounds since the country’s independence from the UK in 1947. The resilience of the entrepreneurs in India has taken it to its zenith from no in the present times despite various downturns in the economy since independence. Manufacturing processes like sheet metal fabrication are considered an important component of the manufacturing scenario of India.

Companies involved in sheet metal manufacturing 

  • LancerFab

It is located in Gujarat and is known for its commitment to providing excellent solutions to the problems faced by the customers in the field of sheet metal fabrication services and integrated laser cutting services. It is an EN 15985-2 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company that possesses infrastructure known to be best-in-class, along with a relatively modern 40,000 sq ft factory for ensuring professionalism in the execution of work at the most competitive prices.

The company proudly comes out as a single source for sheet metal solutions in the country. It has installed leading systems for Bystronic Laser Cutting to provide metalworking solutions that are flexible and cost-effective. This, as a result, allows precision accuracy and cutting in different processes carried out in sheet metal fabrication companies.

LancerFab is well equipped to undertake projects for manufacturing and designing metal parts from different materials such as Stainless steel, GP sheet, Aluminum, CRCA, HR, etc.

  • Rishilaser

The company is located in Mumbai, and nine different manufacturing units are spread across five different states of India, namely, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The company is considered one of the largest fabricators of steel in India and specializes in sheet steel fabrication. For the processes involving manufacturing, most of the units of the company are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

The company can manufacture sheet steel fabricated assemblies with art machinery, which includes the latest software tools, high-capacity cranes, and a skilled workforce.

  • Gajjar

Gajjar Industries is a sheet metal fabrication and laser cutting services company that is located in Ahmedabad. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that possesses a full-fledged unit for manufacturing processes spread across 7000 sq ft while equipped with all the necessary machinery.

The company is also known to offer a wide range of precision sheet metal components concerning the desired specifications and requirements. Gajjar Industries is also known to specialize in offering clients their requirements for bulk orders.


Excellence speaks for itself, just like these sheet metal fabrication companies who are known to be shining brightly in this field and have successfully achieved reputation and fame through skills, talent, and sheer hard work.


Why do Clients Continue Using IBM? Find Out Here!

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Contrary to popular belief, IBM is not ‘old.’ In fact, it is continuously upgrading. And these days,  both stable and startup businesses and organizations still prefer to use IBM and IBM i  because of its amazing features that make it more competitive than others.

And now, IBM i cloud hosting is not only reliant on the IBM POWER server. There are now other cloud hosting services that offer better. But before you learn more about cloud hosting, let’s go ahead and find out first why IBM is still the popular choice.

IBM i Is All You Need

The IBM/AS400 is pretested, preloaded, and already integrated with POWER. This is why it is still common that most companies and businesses still stick with this classic. In fact, this operating system is very popular in high-tech industries. For example, IBM is still the choice in many computer software, manufacturing, and information technology industries. It is also popular in midmarket companies.

Legendary and Reliable

The IBM is considered ‘bulletproof.’ Its huge hardware redundancy makes it extremely high-performing. It has CPUs that are 3 to 5 times more powerful compared to its competition. That is why most organizations prefer to use IBM especially when their applications require high performance and low downtime.

IBM i cloud

It’s Not Worth Changing

Moving from IBM to other power systems will never be worth it. It has a more powerful core and a higher price per core compared to its competitors. Aside from that, the major change can be disruptive. The IBM still exists within the IBM i in many companies that is why making a change will not be a lengthy and costly process.

AS400 Is Continuously Evolving

Even though IBM is classic, it continues to evolve. There are plenty of innovations that have been happening since IBM was introduced way back in 1998. Even though there are newer alternatives, IBM remains to be the number one choice since this is already tested and proven to be reliable and secure by many companies all across the globe.

IBM i Cloud Hosting

There are plenty of advantages to cloud hosting. Cloud400 is currently one of the easiest, more flexible, affordable, and seamless choices when it comes to iSeries cloud hosting. This is brought to you by Source Data Products, a trusted name in this industry for the last three decades. If you need cloud hosting services, don’t look any further because Cloud400 might just be the hosting solution just for you.


The Best Ways For Employee Engagement In Singapore

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An employee is a person who is working for a particular company that pays them. There is no other reason as to why one should continue working at the same place. One can do make them by employee engagement singapore.


Employee engagement is important for the business as well as for the employee themselves too. One needs to like their work. As it would lead to so many new and better things. Some of them are listed down as follows:

  • When the employees are involved it would help in the maximisation of the profits which is the main reason why the company is being operated.
  • When employees are focused on the business then they would be more productive. When employees are being productive than that ultimately leads to money. It would result in increased profits for the company during that time compared to earlier times.
  • The staff turnover ratio would also decrease. It means the employees who would quit on their own would also be less in numbers.

They provide the employees with feasible solutions. They are providing such solutions from the mobile. It results in giving the employees certain rewards and benefits as well. It means the overall improvement of the employee as well as improvements in the business that leads to the employee gaining incentives too. It would also result in bonding. Overall there would be team communication leading to the bonding of employees with their colleagues. It leads to stronger network connections and channels.

It also means that the communication that is being done is so much authentic as well as clear. They provide different workshops along with some referrals systems as well. Along with this, seamless connectivity is present. The implementation of doing any single thing also increases leading to profit maximisation for the company. As the employees are too much focused along with dedicated to doing their work they would be less absent and would take fewer leaves from office so that they also achieve good benefits from it. It also leads to loyalty being increased within the staff themselves. It all would lead to efficiency in the department of administration as well. Their site has also been awarded. They have won a total of seventeen awards as well along with over one hundred plus clients spread globally in more than twenty countries.