With Bayset, you need not be concerned about your flooring

There is no location where one can go without a location. Unless you participate in skydiving or other aerial sports. We stand on a floor, sit, eat, and sleep on the floor, and do everything there. The floor has a significant effect on the overall appearance and coziness of a space. Therefore, a better floor is a better location.

Basyet is here to help you realize your ideal floor.

With the following list of Bayset items, you can realize your dreams:


10 kilograms of Cementitious Grouts TPA TRU White Superfine Grout

TPA Tru White Superfine Grout is an un-sanded, smooth, bright white, cement-based grout of superior quality. It is intended for use with the majority of ceramic, mosaic, and stone tiles. TPA Tru White Superfine Grout is intended for grouting interior wall tiles with joint widths between 1-3mm.


Brilliant white Mildew-resistant

Excellent bond to tile joints

Simple cleanup


Laticrete Australia Conversations: Bayset Arundel Stocks LATICRETE

4 kilograms of Laticrete Spectralock Pro Grout Part C Epoxy Grouts

LATICRETE® SPECTRALOCK® PRO Grout is a patent-protected, professional-grade, high-performance epoxy grout that provides color uniformity, durability, and stain resistance with an exceptional ease of application.

80 minutes of labor time at 21 degrees

Microban antimicrobial product protection inhibits the growth of stain-causing mold and mildew in grout joints. Ideal for installations at wide temperature ranges.

  • Uniform color with no spots or shading
  • Maintainable and washable to the original color
  • Stain resistant
  • Tough, robust, and fracture resistant
  • Superior to grouts based on cement.

Tile Adhesives

TPA Lite 15kg

TPA Lite is a premium quality, flexible, white, fiber-reinforced, cement-based tile adhesive with a lightweight composition. It is advised for internal and outdoor wall and floor applications, such as facades, balconies, bathrooms, toilets, and laundries. TPA Lite can be applied over concrete, cement render, screeds, fibrous cement sheeting, plasterboard, and appropriate WPA waterproofing membranes. TPA Lite is ideal for the majority of moisture-resistant tile varieties used in residential and commercial tiling applications.

  • Premium Grade: C2TES2
  • Extended protection
  • Lightweight engineering
  • No vertical slip
  • Outstanding trowelability and grasp


Repair And Epoxy General Epoxy


HYCHEM GP Epoxy is a low viscosity, cost-effective epoxy binder designed for use with quartz fillers.

HYCHEM GP is intended for use in applications where high performance structural qualities are required, but exposure to strong acids and solvents is not a primary service requirement. The product is typically combined with selected quartz aggregates to create either a mortar or slurry-like topping. It is the excellent adhesive for repairing damaged concrete surfaces quickly.

Excellent value for money

  • Superior compressive force
  • Positive cannabis use affords useful work time
  • Variable proportion of quartz fillings
  • Low odor; won’t contaminate food
  • Can be used as a primer, adhesive, and sealant
  • Compatible with all other Hychem finishes

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