Why should take care of periodontics?

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Teeth are structures that play an important role in a person’s health and physical appearance. A strong tooth smoothens the process of digestion by allowing a person to chew food well and facilitate the proper absorption of minerals and nutrients. On the other hand, weak and damaged teeth interfere with metabolism and also affect a person’s confidence due to the insecurity of heartily laughing and getting the unattractive tooth noticed by everyone.This is why knowledge about the treatment of your mouth-related concerns is important. Let us know about periodontics.


What is it?

Periodontium is a collection of special tissues that are around teeth for support. It can be a target for microorganisms to cause diseases. Such ailments are treated by a branch of dentistry popularly known as periodontics. Below are a few basic types of periodontal diseases.

Gingivitis: It is a condition as a result of poor hygiene. Red and swollen gums that bleed easily is an indication of the disease.This is a reversible condition. An appointment with the dentist can save the day.

Periodontitis: It is a type of gum disease that causes jawbone atrophy due to the infection of gum lines and teeth. Common symptoms include receding gums, bad breath. In some, accumulation of pus can be noticed in gingival pockets.

Aggressive periodontitis: This is an advanced stage of periodontitis. Disfiguration of bone, gingival ligaments and gingival tissue canbe observed.

Chronic periodontitis: Bone loss and swollen gingival tissues are the symptoms. The condition leads to gum recession and gingival pockets. It can usually be seen in adults, but there is the possibility to getinfected at any age.

Systemic periodontitis: It is a condition caused due to existing medical issues; Diabetes, Heart disease, Respiratory disease.

Necrotizing periodontal disease: It is the result of systemic diseases such as heart problems, malnutrition, HIV, immunosuppression. As the name suggests necrosis means death, gum disease leads to the death of periodontal ligaments and gingival tissues. The alveolar bone weakens due to a lack of nourishment.

Whom should you approach?

Most of the listed conditions are due to a bad hygiene regimen, therefore, it is best to follow a healthy routine: brushing and flossing. Prevention not only saves energy and time but also helps to live in peace. Even if the disease appears after proper routine, it is best to consult a practitioner who is an expert inperiodontics.

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