Whiteboard Singapore: Types And Uses

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Whiteboards are needed mostly in all professions. Take it from teaching to business, we see them everywhere. Also known as the marker-board, dry-wipe board, pen-board, etc it is white and has a shiny and smooth surface. It is easy to wipe the writings from the whiteboard singapore.

Types of whiteboard

There are many types of whiteboards you can see around the market. From expensive (i.e. made of enameled steel) to cheap (i.e. made of a laminated clipboard, steel boards, etc). There is a vast availability of them. Some of the types of boards are mentioned as:

  • Adhesive Whiteboards: They can be used as dry-erase walls, calendars, grocery lists, for kids’ indoor games, etc. This is because a comes in rolls so that you can decide how long and how broad you want the whiteboard according to your need.
  • Erasable marker: These boards are made for temporary writings. You have to use only erasable ink which does not contain any toxic material or chemicals like xylene or toluene and which does not bind or absorb by the board’s surface.

Materials used

whiteboard singapore

Six materials are most commonly used in making boards:

  • Melamine: Melamine boards come in a wide variety. From expensive to cheap, it depends upon the resin deposited in the base material. Some boards develop ghosting or cloudiness and some may not develop for a very long period. The cheaper boards are commonly used in non-institutional works and cannot be used for educational purposes.
  • Steel or Aluminum: There is also a wide range of aluminum dry or painted steel boards. Painted surfaces are magnetic in nature while aluminum ones an not. Painted aluminum is much more expensive than painted steel. Painted steel or aluminum which is of good commercial grade, does not allows permanent ink to absorb in itself. They are used in training boards, tracking boards, patient information boards, tournaments, etc. Polypropylene film: It uses static electricity to attach or cling to the surface. They are temporary. In such boards, the materials used in them are recyclable.

Other materials used in them are Porcelain, glass, etc.

Many companies in Singapore provide a large range of such whiteboards. Several varieties are:

  • Wall mount magnetic board (aluminum frame)
  • Magnetic whiteboard (mobile stand and single-sided)
  • Magnetic whiteboard (double-sided and mobile stand)
  • Double-sided partition whiteboard

These Whiteboards are essentially made for business purposes. They are used to explain the plan and design more efficiently.

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