Things You Need To Know About Reptiles

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If you own a reptile as a pet, it’s important to make sure your pet has everything it needs to survive and thrive in captivity. This can include an appropriate cage or tank, adequate heat and light sources, and enough food to keep your pet full. If you’re looking to purchase some reptile supplies & accessories, here are things you need to know first.

Are reptiles really as weird as they look?

People usually assume that reptiles are dirty, smelly creatures. They think they don’t have any emotions and that they live miserable lives, but these are misconceptions. Reptiles are incredibly misunderstood and there are many myths out there about them.

Reptiles are complex

Reptiles have a complex set of physical and behavioral traits that help them survive in their own environments. While they can make good pets, there are some details you’ll want to consider before adding one to your family, details that can keep both your pet and your family safe. There are facts you should be aware of.

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Reptiles are unique

Unlike mammals, which are endothermic (warm-blooded), and birds, which are exothermic (cold-blooded), reptiles have thermoregulation that is somewhere in between: they can be ectothermic or mesothermic. Basically, it means that some of them need external heat but others can warm themselves up from their surroundings. In general, though, these animals are much harder to keep in captivity than mammals.

Why do I want a reptile?

Reptiles can make great pets, but are not always a good fit for everyone. There are a number of factors you should consider before adopting a reptile into your home. Learn more about some of these considerations here.

I have enough time: While reptiles require less attention than dogs or cats, they still require plenty of it, especially during their growing years and if you plan on letting them outside. If you work long hours and will be gone most days when your new pet is awake, a reptile might not be a good choice for you. It’s also important that children spend time with their new pet every day to help establish positive relationships with them and ensure proper care.

Do I have the time for this?

The care, housing, feeding and getting of reptile supplies & accessories is time-consuming. Depending on what type of reptile it is, they require heat and light 24 hours per day. Some types of reptiles eat every day while others eat only once every week or two months. You will also have to make sure your pet gets enough exercise. So before buying one be sure you have enough time in your schedule to accommodate an exotic pet like a reptile.

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