The Rewards of Early Childhood Education for Your Child

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Children’s brains develop rapidly in the first five years, with 90% of brain development occurring before they reach primary school. During these years, their schooling establishes the foundation for their long-term cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and social well-being.

The activities at Fit Kidz Early Learning Centres will have an immediate impact on children’s cognitive and behavioral qualities, fostering language, pre-literacy, as well as social and emotional abilities. However, there are numerous long-term benefits that will only become apparent later in a child’s school career and beyond. The primary four will be discussed further down.

Fit Kidz Early Learning Centres

Cultivate Positive Behaviors

Children benefit from daily routines because they feel safe and secure. They’re also an excellent way to instill good behaviors in children, such as cleaning their teeth and washing their hands. If children know what to expect each day, they are more likely to be calm, content, and develop appropriate sleeping patterns. This early childhood development and early schooling will eventually enable kids to take responsibility for daily duties such as dressing and packing their bags.

Improve Literacy and Numeracy Abilities

The literacy and numeracy abilities your child acquires before starting school have a significant impact on his or her academic success later in life. Children who attend childcare for three years or more perform much better on year four reading and numeracy tests1, according to research, and 18 months of preschool had a higher influence on literacy and numeracy levels at age 11 than all six years of primary school.

Build Emotional Toughness

Childcare also aids in the development of emotional resilience in your child. According to research, children who begin daycare at the age of 2-3 years are more likely to be attentive and better able to manage their emotions. Parents who send their children to childcare enjoy social, emotional, and even financial benefits from the interactions they form with other families at the center, according to studies.

Bright Future


Your child’s social, emotional, and academic achievement are all dependent on the skills he or she learns in the early years of life. Children who do not attend nursery or early childhood education are 50 percent more likely to begin school with developmental vulnerabilities, according to research.

A high-quality early childhood education at a childcare center will not only keep your child safe while you work but will also encourage a lifetime love of learning in your child. By giving social and cognitive experiences, early childhood education can help children develop independence and a favorable attitude toward learning. These abilities will assist your child in adjusting to elementary school and achieving academic achievement. Consider enrolling them in a daycare center to give them a head start in life.

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