Different University Accommodation Australia Options You Should Know

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Finding the appropriate abode to live in for students is definitely not an easy task. You need to ensure that environment is all good, with no bangarang irking you in your studies. At the same time, you need to ensure that it isn’t quite steep and suits your budget. If you are planning to study in Australia, you should first acquaint yourself with the diverse student accommodations available in the country. Read on!

Diverse university accommodation australia options

Here is a master list of different housing and accommodation options Australia offers students. You will learn their features, pros, and cons here, which help you decide what to choose. Let’s get into this, pronto!

  • Private rental: International students who have got a hefty budget and want to immerse themselves into the Australian culture can opt for private rentals. You may choose to live alone or with your buddies, as it pleases you. However, as opposed to other accommodation options, you will find private rentals much more affordable.
  • Managed student apartments: In the managed student apartments, you will get all the utilities and amenities including the internet. The bedrooms are furnished with a study desk, chair, bed, mattresses, and a wardrobe. The option may cost you around $200 to $500 per week.

university accommodation australia

  • Boarding schools: Several secondary schools, private ones, offer accommodation to international students. The service includes laundry services, cleaning facilities, and meals. This accommodation may cost you around $11,000-$22,000 for one year.
  • Halls of residence: Halls of residence are either the property of institutions or they are affiliated with them. You may choose an apartment-style room or get a single bedroom with shared facilities. Furthermore, students also get free internet access here.
  • Hostel accommodation: If you are coming from a far-off state in Australia or another country, you will likely incline to hostel accommodation. You can choose from backpacker hostel and classic hostel under this option.
  • Classic hostels: Classic hostels provide nicely furnished bedrooms with the facility of the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, recreation space, and a lounge. In such accommodations, which are cheaper, students have to cook for themselves.

With this knowledge about various university accommodation australiayou can finally decide what suits your requirement and budget best. When choosing any of these, take care of noticing the facilities available in the proximity of the residence. Ensure there are eateries, community clubs, hospitals, etc., in its vicinity to avoid the hassle of driving a hundred miles to reach a clinic.