The 5 Best Portable Vaporizers for You

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The first thing that the traveling vaporists look at is portability. A good vaporizer needs to be compact, portable, durable, and consistent. The material should be of the best quality. Moreover, it should be standard size to fit in any space and be lightweight. If you are looking for all these qualities in one, look at some of the best portable vaporizer here!

Arizer solo 2

It is the sequel of the mega-popular solo. Arizer is the best-ranked vaporizer brand mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, it makes stellar vaporizers available at a fair price. Secondly, the Arizer Solo 2 vaporizer has impressive battery life. It runs about 3 hours after being fully charged. Thus, it is the most liked vaporizer and is in demand. Not only this, its vapor quality is magnificent. It delivers thick vapor and has stainless steel heating system. Even if you are in a hurry, you don’t need to worry. This vaporizer will take only 20 seconds to heat up. Another best quality of Arizer Solo 2 is that its digital control is easy to use. Do consider Arizer Solo 2 if you want to buy an all-in-one portable vaporizer at a nominal price.

Pax 3

Pax 3’s unique sleek design makes it look different from all other vaporizers. The portable standard size is the best thing about it. You can easily carry it while hiking, snowboarding, or any form of outdoor trip. Weighing only 3.28 Ounces, it can be easily packed. Pax 3 also takes around 20 seconds to heat up, but the battery life is a little low. It can be used for half an hour when charged fully. However, you can ignore this because of its innovative charger.

Best portable vaporizer

Firely 2+

Firely 2+ is a convectional vaporizer giving out thick vapors. It is quick in heating, requires a couple of seconds. After the launch of the original unit, people had some complaints regarding its size and battery life. Now all this has been fixed in this new Firely 2+. It charges up to 80% in just 20 minutes. Apart from the battery update, it decreased its size by 30% and weight by 50%. It is controlled by your smartphone using the Firely app. Overall, it’s a better option to choose, as it also has easy maintenance.

Healthy Rips Rogue

Healthy Rips Rogue has an exceptional quality of adjusting in all areas with a vaping time of 90 minutes. You can control the temperature that takes 60 seconds to heat up. If you feel that the period of the battery is not so high, you can rely on its fast USB-C charger. It takes 75-80 minutes to charge it. This unit is pocket-friendly and easy to maintain.


Manufactured in Germany, Crafty+ is a high-quality plastic constructed portable vaporizer. Crafty+ has a super booster function, which gives you an extra power boost. Here also you can control the temperature with the app on your smartphone. It is one of the best portable units that you can buy.

Among all the options, you can go for any vaporizer you like. All function well and have good features.