Suitable Cat DNA Can Tell You a Lot

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Have you ever seen a dog show and listened intently to every detail of the dog’s past before looking at your cat and wondering what secrets Fluffy was keeping? Many cat owners have probably wondered where their cat came from, how they got their cat’s distinctive color pattern and markings, and even if their cat is supposed to be that big. Consider what Jon may have learned about Garfield if a cat DNA test had been available at the time. Click and learn more about Cat DNA tests.

The good news is that modern technology has given us a new choice for learning more about the cat we share a house with, feeding the best food, and playing with a plush mouse. There is undoubtedly a lot to learn about cat ancestry.

Small Cats Are Larger Than We Thought

Cats have a royal demeanor, creeping through the house and pouncing on toys or unsuspecting human companions in a manner reminiscent of zoo tigers and lions. In an intriguing discovery, scientists discovered that domestic cat DNA has a 95% match to tigers. So, the next time you see your cat stalking their favorite toy and pouncing for the kill, consider that you have a little tiger in your house – with a few minor genetic variances.


Discover Your Cat’s Pilgrimage Story

Cats have long been used to keep seafarers company during lengthy trips. They served to keep the rodent population on a ship down and also provided a pleasant face to those men who had spent months away from their family and home and had become tired of their human shipmates during the long journeys across the ocean. Cats were an excellent complement to the sailing team due to their small size and utility. They were also regarded to be a good luck symbol for ships sailing over the vast ocean.

Knowledge Is Power, and Kitty Will Appreciate It

Finding out more about your family tree is a popular trend in today’s globe. Families have genealogists, there are websites to visit to discover what family links you can make, and most youngsters are required to do a project outlining their family history. Granted, your cats will never have a homework assignment tracing their ancestors, but they are your babies. It can be beneficial for your family to learn where your cat originated from, much as it is for children who have been adopted, and a cat DNA test can help outline your feline’s cat pedigree in depth.

The cat DNA test becomes a vital instrument to protect your loved one when it comes to helpful information such as a marker for an illness that can be detrimental to a kitty’s long life. Even your four-legged family members deserve to be protected and understood depending on their family history. Allow everyone accesses to this essential information, and you’ll be shocked at what your cat’s DNA can teach you.

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