Steps for a Psychic Tarot Reading: How to Choose Your Cards and Interpret the Card’s Meaning

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The tarot is a deck of cards used for divination and can be used to uncover the future, past, challenges and so much more. It is commonly associated with magic. There are many ways to use the Best tarot cards for beginners in your life including work, love and health but psychic readings are what most people seek.

Many spiritual practitioners use their intuition or psychic abilities to read their clients without necessarily using the cards. The actual process of divination is referred to as clairvoyance, which means the act of seeing clearly. Clairvoyant readings are not a completely accurate method of obtaining insight into your future or past but they are very effective in helping you understand yourself better. The tarot deck is an extremely useful tool for gaining this insight and is used by many spiritual practitioners to help them tap into their own personal powers.


Best tarot cards for beginners

The tarot deck was created in the late thirteenth century. In the book, The Art of Astrology, by Margaret C. Miles, it is explained that the tarot originated in Italy and was then taken over by the French. The art of cartomancy has also made its way over to the English-speaking world from France.

The book, “The Complete Guide to Tarot” by Doreen Virtue & Barbara Moore, states that there are forty-eight cards in a standard tarot deck. The cards have been grouped into four suits: Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles or coins. Each suit represents one of these elements: earth, air, fire or water. A card’s suit is what determines its meanings: earth is associated with materialism; water with emotions; fire with passion; and air with intellect/mind. The water card means the ability to make decisions, hear from others and understand your own emotions. The air card represents inspiration and the mind; fire represents action; and earth is related to practicality.

Tarot is also associated with the Major Arcana cards. These cards exist in a different order to the rest of the deck. Meaningful words are given to each card illustrated on one side but they are not limited to only four or five words. The Minor Arcana deal with material objects or actions which relate to each card whereas the Major Arcana deal with abstract concepts such as death, rebirth new beginnings, travel and change .

In contrast to tarot’s usual association with magic, it is not an exclusively fortune telling deck. A reading can be done to help you understand any aspect of your life including love, health and business.

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