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Scaffolding is an integral tool for the restoration, construction, and even redecoration of buildings or structures. It gives workers ease of access to each story of the building and allows freedom of movement. It is usually used in construction works, in buildings constructed or reconstructed, which is often used in repairing or repainting old structures. Scaffolding allows workers to have the materials transferred from one story to another.

All Trade Scaffolding hire service is visibly increasing, especially in the city center. You will see a lot of buildings constructed, reconstructed, and renovated while using these scaffoldings. Major renovation projects take place all over the city center. In the renovation of a city or building, the importance of scaffolding companies has taken on great significance.

Find the perfect scaffolding

It doesn’t matter if you plan to upright a small or large building, appropriate scaffolding rental matters. It is not only to obtain the most amazing-looking results but also to make the project constructed properly because the

Types of scaffolding

Any construction work is needing a temporary scaffolding structure to execute the projects properly. Bridges, walkways, platforms, or anchorages as diverse as steel, wood, aluminum, and fiber will be transformed into different types of scaffolding for modern construction works.

Knowing the scaffolding function, assembled and disassembled, is interesting. These are some of the key pieces you need to know as architecture professionals literally do not face security problems or get the expected functionality attending to work being carried out. There are various scaffolding classifications, depending on manufacturer, function, and design.

All Trade Scaffolding

There are top three types of scaffolds:

  • Suspended scaffolds
  • Supported scaffolds
  • Aerial lifts

These types of scaffolds are used according to the need of the construction work. So, it is important that you know how to classify every scaffold to pick the right type of scaffold to use.

Classifications of scaffolding

There are different classifications of scaffolding according to its general aspects and characteristics.

Classification according to function.

Scaffolding is classified into various general functions, such as:

  • Safety scaffolding
  • Service scaffolding
  • Public use scaffolding
  • Covered closings
  • Other structures

Classification according to predominant material.

There are several predominant materials used for scaffolding:

  • Bamboo scaffolding
  • Fiber scaffolding
  • Mixed scaffolding
  • Metal scaffolding
  • Wooden scaffolding

These are good types of scaffoldings used for different purposes.

Classification according to the form of support.

Scaffolding comes into different forms for support purposes, which are used for:

  • Hanging scaffolding
  • Scaffolding in flown
  • Simple support scaffold
  • Self-lifting platform scaffolding
  • Anchored scaffolding

Classification according to usage.

Scaffoldings can be used in different usage:

  • Domestic or indoor scaffolding
  • Facade scaffolding
  • Scaffolding for circulation
  • Structural scaffolding
  • Scaffolding for public events

If you are new to scaffolding, you need the experts to assist you on how and which one is the right scaffolding type and classification for the project.

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