Myths about purchasing a pre-construction condo

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Purchasing a pre-construction condominium is a big economic commitment. For starters, it hasn’t been constructed yet, so now you’re making a purchase depending on a hunch about what the finished structure and suites will look like. Secondly, contrary to purchasing a freestanding asset such as a home, you must spend for care, administration, and shared utilities in addition to the purchase price. That’s why it’s crucial to weigh all of the pros and drawbacks of purchasing a pre-construction buy new condo in singapore when making a decision. Regrettably, many people’s thoughts are clouded by several widely held misconceptions regarding the condo-buying process. Below is some reality behind the most common pre-construction condo misconceptions.

before buying a preconstruction Condo

  • They are not affordable: The notion that the ordinary person or family might not afford a condominium is just false. Buying a condominium is, in reality, a rather more inexpensive and attractive alternative than buying an independent property. What counts most is, buying a condo is within your financial means. Check the site or selling office for the condominium complex you’re looking in to assess feasibility. Affordability calculators may be available on the company’s homepage, and sales representatives must be able to assist you and provide you with various suite alternatives that meet your needs. Ensure sure to get the best understanding of your economic states, such as your monthly wage, regular loan repayments, and the sum of funds you have set aside for a deposit for a house.
  • A lot of delay in a condo to get ready: It’s a widespread misconception that if you purchase a house when it’s still in the planning and construction phases, you’ll become aged before you walk into the front entrance. Although this is sometimes accurate, it isn’t always the case, particularly when you do proper homework and purchase from a trustworthy contractor with a proven history. Though interruptions might occur due to factors far beyond the contractor’s power. Top-rated condo developers will indeed make a serious effort to keep to the construction schedule as accurately as possible. When signing the contract for your condo building, make sure to verify the contractor’s record on the internet.
  • You need to pay more deposit: Fortunately, excellent and reputable contractors do not need a one-time deposit. Payment is generally spaced across the duration of time, up to fifteen months in some cases. Although the Condo Law protects your investment totally, it’s often important to ask the selling office agent what extra regulations and permits the developer has in the future to minimize theft and assure your deposit’s safety.


Hope this information helps you not to believe the misconceptions created by others.

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