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Are you a smoker who’s trying hard to quit? Nicotine White Pouches combine menthol and nicotine into a tobacco pouch meant to deliver higher levels of nicotine that will keep your cravings at bay. In addition, the white pouch is said to be as close as it gets for you as a smoker to enjoy the experience of smoking without actually lighting up.


Nicotine White Pouch Ingredients

1) Nicotine – The official website claims that one pack has as much nicotine as a full-flavored cigarette. Still, this information came from an article written by a group called The Convenience Store/Petroleum Conundrum, not from the manufacturer itself. This makes me wonder if they’re underselling their product or if some of the nicotine gets lost once you start chewing?


2) Corn Syrup is a popular ingredient in tobacco products, including sunflower seeds and raisins. When it’s derived from genetically modified corn, like this one appears to be, it can interfere with healthy gut flora.


3) Acacia (Wattle) Extract – Used as an emulsifier, also often added to wine for tartness. 4) D&C Green No. 5 – A dye made initially with arsenic, but then they changed its formula to make it less toxic (sounds like the manufacturers’ version of organic).

nicotine all white pouches


4) Flavoring – Usually some combination of nutmeg, cloves, and cinnamon (but not organic).

 nicotine all white pouches are said to be “addicting,” and it’s recommended you use them only as directed. There is also an age restriction on how old you must be before using this product (21+), the idea being that higher levels of nicotine will make it easier for you to become addicted if you’re younger. The manufacturer does recommend talking with your doctor before starting any new medicine. However, there’s no mention of its caffeine content or long-term effects from regular daily use of nicotine pills like these.


The producers of tobacco free mint pouches did not have to please consumers with pleasant taste and smell but also create a high-quality product that will be safe for users. They succeeded on both points. These minty white pouches are made from carefully picked ingredients. It is based on Glukose syrup, which gives them freshness, softness, and natural peppermint oil, giving them their distinctive taste. 


Besides, it does not contain any preservatives or artificial coloring agents that usually harm the organism.

Mint flavor White Pouches can help you feel yourself great, no matter how busy your schedule is today. They will give your breath fresh and provide you with the energy needed for daily activities. You can always have them in a bag or briefcase – they are compact enough to be taken everywhere.


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