Lung Cancer Specialist Singapore: The Best Options You Could Get!

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Lung cancer is the unchecked expansion of aberrant cells, and when these cancer cells expand, they may obstruct the lungs’ normal ability to breathe. The cancerous cells can also move from the original lung area to the lymph nodes around the airway, the opposite lung, the bones, the brain, the liver, and other body organs. Make an appointment with a lung cancer specialist singapore if you exhibit any symptoms to receive a professional diagnosis and course of treatment.

Lung cancer is the second and third most prevalent cancer in Singapore, respectively, in both men and women. Lung cancer was the main factor in 26.6 percent of men’s cancer deaths and 16.1 percent of women’s cancer deaths, making it the greatest cause of cancer-related mortality.

lung cancer specialist singapore

Patients can anticipate an overall improvement in lung health and quality of life with a customized treatment strategy.

  1. International Cancer Specialists

International Cancer Specialists (ICS), a cancer treatment facility located in the heart of Singapore, is clinically managed by medical director Toi Seong, who has a particular interest in and skill in treating patients with breast, colon, and lung cancer. To give their patients peace of mind, this clinic is passionate about making sure that every one of their services is client-centered.

  1. Jane Yap Chest and Medical Clinic

This clinic makes sure that the individualized respiratory care provided is suited to your specific needs and respiratory condition. The Jane Yap Chest and Medical Clinic treats major lung diseases such as Asthma, COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia, and tuberculosis while concentrating on long-term respiratory health and prevention.

  1. Phillip Eng Respiratory and Medical Clinic

Professor Eng has established himself as a respected expert due to the exceptional accomplishments produced throughout the years. He offers specialised services in respiratory and critical care management at Phillip Eng Respiratory and Medical Clinic for a variety of lung diseases, including suspected lung cancer, wheezing, coughing, allergic rhinitis, and more.

  1. Asian American Radiation and Oncology

The rigorous method AARO uses to combat lung cancer, paying great attention to all nuances in every patient interaction, is explained by placing importance on providing quality and individualized care to every patient. Your lung cancer treatment’s ultimate success depends on AARO’s abilities and technological know-how, as well as a thorough and attentive approach to each patient’s diagnosis.

The tumor can be gone following treatment (cured). It may also persist following treatment or develop again in the same location as the original tumor (residual tumor). Patients who have already battled cancer run the risk of getting primary lung cancer again. Approximately 3% of patients experience this every year.

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