Ideal Phones For PWD: Make Them Feel Connected

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One of the reasons why people with disabilities and elders feel neglected is being left alone at home with nobody. These people feel like they are now useless because they can’t do anything; except sit down, eat, and do nothing. They feel useless because nobody is with them the whole day, and they can’t even do the chores by themselves. Everyone is busy and by the time they want to call their loved ones, they can’t do it because they are too busy at work and don’t have time for them.

Thanks to the invention of the newly released phones for PWD and senior citizens. Phones for people with disability help them get connected to their loved ones, especially in emergencies.

Phones for emergencies

Indeed, one of the top reasons why this kind of phone has been invented is for emergency purposes. When you have a family member left at home with their nannies, you can be sure that they can easily reach you during emergencies. The phone is specifically designed for people with disability because of the easy navigation and user-friendly interface, it is not difficult to use.

Hands-free smartphone opens worlds for disabled | The Times of Israel

The phones for emergencies are perfect for times when they want to reach you quickly.

Features and specifications

Here is a list of features of the phones for people with a disability:

  • Visual or vibrating alerts
  • Relay services
  • Hearing aid compatibility devices
  • Mobile phones accessible for hearing impaired people, such as:
    • voice recognition
    • auto text

These specialized phones are needed by people with physical disabilities.

The phone’s accessibility features are:

The phone has an Accessibility Menu, a large on-screen menu to control an Android device. The user can use the:

  • control gestures
  • hardware buttons
  • navigation
  • take screenshots
  • Lock your screen and more

These are only a few of the features and specifications of the phone that make it ideal for PWDs.

Get connected!

Giving your PWD family member this phone helps them feel connected to you. Using the phone means you are handheld with just a few taps of the phone. You are easy to reach and they don’t feel neglected or rejected. It is very essential to make loved ones feel special, loved, and cared for, especially those with disabilities.

Help them don’t feel envious, self-pity, down, and hopeless, by giving them hope in a way that makes them feel connected and accepted in the community. By giving them access to reach anyone they want to, it is a big help for their health condition.

Don’t build a gap. Let them stay connected in the way of giving them access or strings to connect you. Phones for PWDs don’t simply help them reach you easily but also entertain them and educate them about the new and advanced technologies today.

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