Huntaway Security The Best Cctv Maintenance In Singapore

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In Singapore, there are 538 cases of theft, housebreaking, and other crimes recorded in the last five years. That is why the need for surveillance is needed in today’s safe houses. We are known for providing the best safety for your home and business. Our mission is to serve the needs of the community by protecting the property and the people. Through our value-added solutions, we do our best to better serve the people.

We serve the audience using the most advanced technology. We do professional-level security. All our surveillance systems are world-class. All our surveillance systems, like CCTV, are the best in their use. We do cctv maintenance singapore. We continuously service our products through a comprehensive CCTV maintenance program.

Cctv system

cctv maintenance singapore

Huntaway has all types of CCTV systems. Depending on your requirements, we can create a customized solution. All our solutions are designed for commercial and residential surveillance. All these systems provide 960H quality images that are very good for your requirements. All our contractors in Singapore offer onsite installation for your convenience.

We have a variety of cameras that are meant for security and surveillance processes. Huntaway Security is a professional surveillance and security provider. We provide CCTV vendor services, installation customer solutions, and maintenance services to our customers in Singapore.

Access control

While reducing manpower costs, we also help in increasing safety and productivity. We have a variety of access controls like fingerprint readers and pin readers. Our products can record your employees’ working hours and punctuality.

Dome camera

We have all types of surveillance cameras that include AVTECh, Bosch, Samsung, Pleco, Panasonic, Maxview, Impaq, Honeywell, and Division. The lenses of cameras remain protected from possible vandals.

Bullet camera

The highly intense, cylindrical shape We offer CCTV IR Bullet Cameras that include both fixed-lens IR Bullet Cameras and varifocal IR Bullet Cameras. This is a solid camera for viewing large areas.

Intrusion alarm

Protect your property from theft or damage with our services. alarm systems cater to different requirements and the environment. We can help people with peace of mind. From intrusion detection to smoke detection, Huntaway provides a highly customized solution for your protection.

Huntaway is known for its maintenance in Singapore. We know the importance of regular maintenance of your CCTV cameras. If your cameras do not have proper maintenance, it can damage the cameras. That is why maintenance is also important for long-lasting benefits. We do proper maintenance on all CCTV cameras.

We have helped so many houses and businesses by giving quality security and safety. We are continuously providing our security and surveillance tools for each customer’s requirements.

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