How to get a golfer’s elbow treated?

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This is a condition that occurs on the inner side of the elbow. Due to this the elbow often feels stiff and the It also decreases the motion of the wrist and elbow. what causes golfers elbow? The cause of this condition is quite common and frequent.

  • Exessessive use of rackets(badminton, tennis)

This condition is very common among badminton and tennis players even if you’re a regular player excessive use, overplaying, and stressing the muscles to their limits and be one of the reasons for this condition.

  • Lifting or weight training

If you’re new to the gym and started with the heavyweights only. Then this can be the major cause of your condition. Not only beginners but advanced in the gym, or a trainer can too face these injuries.

  • Sports that have throwing movements

The diversity in sports is non-comparable. There is every sport that promotes specific hand movements. Sports like baseball, archery, javelin, or any other which involve throwing movements can cause pain in your elbows.

  • Excessive hand movements

If you’re a carpenter, plumber, or work on a construction site. Due to some forceful task, you may hurt your elbow and start to feel the pain and that pain is due to a golfer’s elbow condition.

How to get it treated?

The best and easiest way to treat a golfer’s elbow is physiotherapy. The physiotherapy that is offered by rapid physio care helps to recover. This condition can have different stages. But at the beginning of the treatment, it will be suggested to avoid lifting heavy, or excessive use of the elbow.

what causes golfers elbow

             Electrotherapy is also used to detect the problem better such as ultrasound and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)  which will help with the healing process and will reduce the pain.

Symptoms of golfer’s elbow

Symposts are the way that helps you to detect whether it is a golfer’s pain or not.

  • Pain in the inner elbow region
  • Stiffness in elbows
  • Weakness in arms
  • Pain in wrist muscle

These are some common symptoms that have been experienced by the patients. If you’re also experiencing these symptoms kindly see your nearby physician, or if you’re a citizen of Singapore you may visit Rapid physio care which will help you deal with this condition. Before getting treatment from these kindly visits their website to know more about them.

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