How To Find Good Indian Food Restaurants in Hong Kong Central

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How often does craving for food happen? Almost all the time. Sometimes one might be craving something spicy or something sweet. If one likes Indian food, it is almost like a challenge to find a place that serves authentic Indian food outside of India. This cuisine in itself has a lot of variety and there are certain tips to follow to find a good Indian restaurant in Hong Kong central. Asking friends or family staying there is a great idea, but what to do when one is new and doesn’t know anybody?

Tips to choose the restaurant

Finding good Indian food Hong Kong central can be tricky, but with the age of smartphones, everything is available with a single click.

  • Decide on the cuisine – Indian food itself has a lot of variety, deciding on what to eat can narrow down the searches and give one a good experience.
  • Ask locals – the people who stay there have a lot to offer. Asking them about their suggestion could help because as locals they might have already been to a lot of places and know which restaurant is good.
  • Search on the internet – this might be the easiest way of knowing what are the options available. If one is an introvert and doesn’t want to socialize, the phone always comes to the rescue. Look at the reviews of the restaurant and photos if possible.

indian restaurants in hong kong central

  • Go through the menu – it is always smart to go through the menu before entering the restaurant. Indian restaurants in Hong Kong central have a variety to offer. Look at the prices and the ambiance. This also saves a lot of time because one already knows what to order when they get there.
  • Just walk in – this is the most confident way for someone who doesn’t know what to do. Ordering a dish off the menu and having a new experience might account for something.
  • Ask the waiter – asking a waiter or the chef is the best option because they are good at what they do. This way one knows what they are there for.


Finding a restaurant that serves a particular cuisine can be tough, especially when one is very new to the place. A lot of thoughts pop up before one decides on a place to eat at. There are many Indian food restaurants in Hong Kong central that serve delicious food. Going by the reviews is the best option there is. Reviews are both good and bad, one can go through them and decide on a place to eat.

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