Authorized Distributors for the World’s Leading Marine Electronics Manufacturers

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Marine equipment is the inventory required for the people who travel by water, and all the equipment should be of premium grade quality to keep the passengers and the crew safe in the water. Multiple gears must be equipped in the vessel, and finding a proper store to get all this equipment is not easy. But with Allied eparts, one can easily find the perfect and suited marine electronics online and gather more information regarding its details and specifications.

Based in Singapore, Allied eparts is a provider of marine communication equipment and services to customers across the Asia Pacific area. They are at one of the busiest maritime ports on the planet right now. It is critical for the maritime sector in Singapore to have businesses that provide marine electronic equipment and marine communication integration solutions for offshore boats that arrive in Singapore or go across the Asia-Pacific region to do business.

They act as a one-stop shop to supply all modern marine electronic goods and equipment for vessels and oil and gas drilling ships or rigs and provide engineers and technicians to repair marine communication electronics equipment aboard vessels and offshore platforms.

marine electronics distributors

Allied eparts is a Singapore-based distributor of marine electronics.

Allied eparts is Asia’s largest reseller of marine electronics products. They have almost two decades of business experience, having been established in 1997 and headquarters in Singapore. With time, Allied eparts has developed to become the region’s leading maritime navigation and communications equipment dealer. They are dedicated to the development and distribution of marine spare parts. They were awarded the 2017 Dun & Bradstreet Prize is a testimony to the efforts to revolutionize the world of marine electronics via our distribution services and the available goods.

They specialize in supplying maritime navigation, communication, safety, and satellite equipment from the world’s most reputable manufacturers. They represent many quality marine electronics manufacturers from Europe, including the United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, and Germany, to mention a few examples.

A particular strength of the Allied eparts is that they specialize in providing ship and offshore platform oil rig electronic equipment, repair marine electronics, servicing marine communication systems, and a total capacity of marine system integration, from design to delivery and commissioning.


Thanks to the comprehensive product line, they can be your one-stop supplier of marine communication, marine electronics solutions, maintenance and troubleshooting, and marine systems integration for the maritime and oil & gas sectors.

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